Welcome to Stonefly Forestry a team of multi-generation native Californians dedicated to providing vegetation management services throughout Northern California. The wildfire crisis in California is on a dangerous trend and if you are property owner that recognizes the need to manage the vegetation on your property to protect your investment we can design and permit a vegetation management program for you. With over 50 years of combined vegetation management experience and wildfire suppression experience Prometheus will provide you with the highest quality vegetation management services.

The wildfire crisis in California is a multi-faceted issue that is a result of climate change, poor vegetation management practices on public and private lands, and an ever expanding wildlland-urban interface. However at the core of the crisis is a the simple biological principle of productivity. The Sun’s energy and water create the landscapes of California and when a fire occurs in these landscapes that energy is released. Biomass accumulation creates energy release conditions that make control of wildfires difficult and result in more life and property at risk. The choice is yours either you mange your forested lands or eventually the forest will manage you in the form of evacuations and resource losses.

Please watch this TED Talk to gain a better understanding of how your property can be managed to mimic a natural fire landscape.

When you make the choice Stonefly Forestry will be there to help you manage your forested land.

Forestry that mimics the natural fire regime